Our Project

Esprits is a vast project of stories interconnected in a single universe to be read together as a family.

The world of spirits is defined by its poetic and positive understanding of nature.

When I laid the fondations of Esprits in New Zealand back in 2016, I had been haunted by all kinds of ideas for months.

I was certain that I wanted to write on traveling and nature, but I knew there was more. I wanted my next universe to have a social impact. First, I wanted to bring people hope. Secondly, I wanted to create a project that promotes and bolsters the poetic imagination of my readers, little ones and grown-ups alike. Finally, I wanted to offer an alternative to the classic use of digital media: most digital products are meant to be experienced alone, and I had decided to create one that, from the beginning, would be written and conceived to allow for shared moments between parents and children, like books always did. It's from this cocktail of goals and inspirations gathered by the two years I spent losing myself in nature that I started building the world of Esprits.

Adrien Fernandez,


A universe to inspire

We are living troubled times, made of wonderful inventions as well as of new issues linked to this technological evolution: loss of our bearings and uncertain political experiments. At the junction between two eras, we are afraid tomorrow will be worse than today. In this anxious cultural environment, we want to invite everybody to look at the world that surrounds them, to give it their attention and to make it theirs. We want to bring positive art, dreams, and hope in a better future. And we wish to inspire others to do the same, because we are convinced that if we want a better world, we must start by imagining it.

All our productions are therefore oriented toward impact, sharing and inclusivity before profit, which unfortunately became the golden rule of every product, even when made for children. It's in this state of mind that we have decided to go for crowdfunding.

Finally, we wish to gather a real community around these topics, discuss and share ideas together. So, if this speaks to you, join us on Patreon! Whether to support us financially or to take part in the exchanges, we'll always be happy to have you!

Esprits: a team project above all

Illustrations, animations, development of the app, voice recording, music composition, writing of the texts, interactions design, management and communication... To give birth to the project, our team grew of many talents over the years, solidified by profesionnal experience as well as friendship, but also strengthened through great encounters.

Founded in Belgium, the project is now connected to a broader network: we are partners with Camera-etc, which is supporting us for the production of the podcast and animations. Since 2021, we are also supported by St'art (Rayonnement Wallonie) and by our patron Simon Cetrez.


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